Lyricslinger song videos

Some videos that have been made for songs that feature my lyrics

Gallows’ Hill, by Riders Of The Apostrophe

One of the most fun collaborations that I’ve participated in! Gallows’ Hill is about the Pendle witchcraft trials of 1601, and came about after Elizabeth Auzan and I collaborated on the Kompoz website to write its lyrics. We then brought in three fantastic musicians, Kris Pride, Raymond Van Melzen, and Mark Adams to create the song. Elizabeth managed to get it played (twice!) on Radio Lancashire, and Mark produced this cool video. Will Riders Of The Apostrophe ride again? I don’t know but I hope so! 

Sometimes I, by Skuve

I was honoured that Skuve approached me about including Sometimes I on an album that they created. I wrote the lyrics, vocals are by Markus Palsson, with music by David Young and Ben M. This is a really classy song from an excellent band.