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Welcome to my Promoted Artists page. Starting to fill up with details of some really talented people but still room for lots more! 

Rock band on stage
LyricSlinger Promoted Artists

I’m going to promote lyric writers, musicians and bands on this page. I hope this will include people that I have worked with on the Kompoz and MuseSongWriters websites but I’m happy to receive requests from other artists too. 🙂

Musical Charities

Christmas charity album
Christmas charity album for homeless veterans

Hope for Homeless Heroes Hearts

I’ve been lucky enough to be part of a group of musicians and lyric writers who have come together across the Internet to create a Christmas charity album. Its purpose is to raise money to support homeless veterans in the United States, and the specific charity is the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans

Stephen Kalpin has been the brainchild behind this great endeavour and has created a website to promote the album. Please check the album out and buy it or at least some of the songs that are on it. The song I contributed to is called ‘I’ll stand for you‘. 

Lyric Writers

Written words and a quill pen

Edson Castro

Edson, from Brazil, is a talented and prodigious lyric writer, having written over 300 songs! He regularly collaborates with musicians on the Kompoz music collaboration website, across a wide range of genres including Blues, Rock, Soul, Country, and Bossa Nova. Please check out his work!

Neel Modi

Neel describes himself as ‘a creative communicator, expressing myself through words, music, or images.’ His website is EXCELLENT, containing updates on his songs but also some really informative (and very well written) articles about a range of songwriting/music-related topics. 

Neel Modi website


Contact me with your web or blog page, Soundblend page, etc, and a little info about you if you’d like to be featured on this Promoted Artists page. 


Songwriter / Musician

Mark Adams

Mark is a man of many talents – guitar player, artist, spoken word actor. And of many names – Moonrunner, Angel Rust, the Dramamask man. His Instagram page contains pictures of his very cute cat!

Moonrunner Music YouTube page

Angel Rust Spotify page

Moonrunner Music Facebook page

Dramamask Evolution page

Dramamask1973 Instagram page

Dramamask Evolution website


James Fraser

James is a talented multi-instrument musician from the North East of England and I’ve had the personal pleasure of collaborating on a number of songs with him. He comments that the aim of his website is ‘to be able to give my invited guests the means to listen to, and download, a selection of my musical ramblings.’ Check out his website and Soundblend pages.  

Fraserology Website

James Fraser’s Soundblend page

Alice Minguez

Alice is a fantastic vocalist from Winconsin in the United States, and I have had the pleasure of working with her on the website. Check out the array of links to her work!

Twitter: @AliceMinguez

Lynz Crichton

Really talented singer songwriter from the UK. Check out her excellent website which includes examples of her music, details of any shows she’s doing and, best of all, the ability to get a FREE exclusive digital bundle!  You can also follow her on Twitter @Lynzcrichton

Georgia Fearn

Georgia Fearn is a 17 year old singer-songwriter from Carmarthen, in Wales. She first began to write songs when she was 9 years old, and has developed this talent to slowly create an original album chock full of surprises, ‘Perfect on Paper’, described by Vacant Ceremony as a ‘welcome mixed bag of catchy pop songs with hints of folk, indie and alternative hip hop’. She has played in many different venues, perhaps most memorably the famous Cavern in Liverpool, and her shebang of alt.pop delight has been played on BBC Wales radio station among others.

Check out Georgia’s website and make sure you listen to her music, as it’s great! 

Suzana Stoimenova

I was delighted when Bulgarian singer/musician Suzana picked up my lyric ‘This Dog‘ and did some amazing song arrangement to turn it into a really cool distinctive-sounding song. She’s a great vocalist and musician. Check out her Soundcloud, YouTube, and Facebook pages! 

Ronnie Allison

Ronnie Allison is a talented guitar player, who hails from South Carolina in the United States. I’m delighted to have worked with him on the Kompoz music collaboration site and hope that we can collaborate on many more songs.

Check out his SoundCloud page and also his YouTube page!

Lachlan Horne

Like guitars? And rock? Then, check out this superbly talented musician from Hampshire in the UK. His website provides information about his career, links to his albums and the ability to sign up to get some free tracks! 

Check out this video for amazing song ‘Be like you‘.

You can also keep up to date with his work via his Facebook page, You Tube page, and on Twitter @lachlanhorne

Contact me with your web or blog page, Soundblend page, etc, and a little info about you if you’d like to be featured on this Promoted Artists page. 

Lior Porat

Multi talented guy. Lior loves doing songwriting and also production from his home studio. On top of that, he finds time to collaborate with others by writing songs together, playing, or singing on their songs. His favourite genres include electric blues, rock, rock & roll, and pop. 

You can explore Lior’s music via these links:

Jamie Shea

Jamie is a singer-songwriter from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. His musical versatility is reflected by the fact that he writes and performs across the jazz, folk, blues, garage and psychedelia genres. His website’s bio states that he ‘writes songs that need to be written’ and crafts ‘melodies and lyrics that vibrate in sympathy with shared human experience. Shea takes a sensitive and contemplative approach to the frailty and grace of love and loss while singing with such soft affection as to soothe the very emotions he expresses.’ And that’s just the poetry that’s gone into his bio, so you should definitely check out the songs on his website and on his Spotify page!

Morgan King

Morgan began his musical career as a drummer in Manchester band Illustration. The group signed to Some Bizarre Records when the song “Tidal Flow” was picked up to feature on the Some Bizarre Album. It was the same album that saw the first tracks by Depeche Mode, Soft Cell, The The and Blancmange. Their song was selected as track 1 on the fish side and they went on to have their second release produced by Martin Hannett at Strawberry Studios. During this period he also worked with Mike Hedges at his Playground Studio.

Over the years he has various pseudonyms including Clubland who had 3 top 10 billboard dance hits winning a Grammy. As Obiman on the seminal Cafe Del Mar album. He also appeared as a solo artist on Northern Exposure and Cafe Mambo. In 2012 he joined Lene Lovich as part of her band which lead to a collaboration with her for a new Obiman track “The Dunes” released in 2016. The same year he released his 1st solo album “Grains & Grams. He is presently touring and writing his 2nd solo album.

Check out Morgan’s Spotify page 



Rock band on stage


Skuve are a talented band whose members hail from the UK, Sweden, and the US. Their style is eclectic and they describe themselves as ‘musical chameleons’ willing to attempt any genre ‘from ambient to metal, pop to big band’! I’ve had the pleasure of working with the band, contributing the lyrics to ‘Sometimes I’, a song that features on their ‘Ego’ album. 

Check out the Skuve website

Over The Border Band

Country band from Battle Creek in the United States. Their debut CD ‘Saddle up, let’s ride’ was written by Jeff Vermeys in memory of his dad. Previous winner of Sioux City Battle of the Bands! Follow Jeff on Twitter @JeffVermeys

Listen to ‘The Promise

Watch this cool video 


Contact me with your web or blog page, Soundblend page, etc, and a little info about you if you’d like to be featured on this Promoted Artists page. 

Poets and other writers


A Comfy Kind of Restless

Montaffera writes poems, short stories and about other creative endeavours. Check her site out!


Contact me with your web or blog page, Soundblend page, etc, and a little info about you if you’d like to be featured on this Promoted Artists page. 

If you’ve enjoyed checking out the talented artists on this page and have your own website or blog, then feel free to contact me if you’d like to be featured. I can’t promise to include all websites but I will review all requests.


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