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I have been writing song lyrics since I was a teenager but, for many years, they got written and then just placed into folders or stuffed into drawers. Does that sound familiar? I reckon there are a lot of people out there who love music and love writing but don’t have the musical background (or acquaintances) to see those lyrics translated into songs.

My life as a lyric writer changed when I stumbled upon a website called It’s a music collaboration website and enables lyric writers to team up with singers, guitarists, drummers, triangle players …

Kompoz is a perfect example of how the Internet can be sooo amazing. I love that it’s bringing people from across the world to work together. And some of the musical results are outstanding!

Here are a few of my lyrics that you might like to check out. I’ve included snippets from each (just so as not to make the page too long) but have also linked to the full lyrics and (where applicable) to the finished song.

Trouble’s Coming

Trouble's Coming lyrics

I wrote this in September 2020, so long before the riots that the world witnessed when pro-Trump crowds stormed the Capitol. However, the lyrics’ reference to ‘riot trouble’s coming’ sounds quite prophetic now. I like to think though that no matter which side people may be on with regards US politics, they would sympathise with the plight of the guy in this song, as the riot that’s headed his way is his angry wife! 

Italian musician Michele Panciera has created music for my lyrics, so we are now looking for a singer to help us progress the song!


Trouble’s Coming 

(Verse 1)

Well, there’s a hard rain falling

I’m propping up the bar,

No point in going home

So I’ll have another jar.

The bar man knows my name

And he knows what I like,

Knows more about me than

My mama or my wife.

Especially my wife …

(Verse 2)

There’s a TV in the corner

Got the latest news,

Says riot trouble’s coming

Everyone’s on a short fuse.

So I’ll have another jar, barkeep

Just line them up for me,

Looks like I’ll have to stay the night

But I don’t need to sleep


We got bar food

We got bottles of beer

We got the good times on tap

All the guys are here

I don’t need no troubles that are building up outside

This bar can be my bubble, it’s a good place to hide!


(Verse 3)

Then there’s a drop in the noise

A chill runs through the crowd,

I know who’s standing there

Before I even turn around.

The bar man knows my wife

And tips me the nod,

He’s a good man

I know he’ll say a prayer to his God.

(Verse 4)

I say the TV in the corner’s

Got the latest news,

Riot trouble’s coming,

Everyone’s on a short fuse!

So I have to stay here, darling

It’s the safest place to be,

Didn’t want to stay the night

Heck, I guess I’ll get no sleep.



We got bar food – (We got burgers and wings)

We got bottles of beer (Ice cold beer)

We got the good times on tap

Everybody’s here – (Yeah!)

We don’t need no troubles that are building up outside

This bar can be our bubble, we need to stay inside



And that’s how the riot started, yer honour


We got a bar fight

With thrown bottles of beer,

My wife’s a damned tornado

Get the army in here!

Turns out the trouble that was building up outside

Has blown in from the streets looking for a fight


Yeah, Trouble’s coming

The fuse has been lit,

Trouble’s coming

I’ve been scratched, punched, and bit.

Yeah, Trouble’s coming

The fuse has been lit,

Barkeep, I’ll need a whiskey

When I’m through with this!

Written by Simon Wright

(September 2020)

Full Lyrics: Trouble’s Coming Document (


Gallifrey (co-written with Elizabeth Auzan)

Doctor Who Tardis



My planet, my far-flung galaxy

War caused you to be blown away

Oh, my hearts beat for Gallifrey.



Move through time and space elegantly

Fellow castaways accomp’ny me.

Seem doomed to wander endlessly


But, Who am I to cry.

I always Regenerate

Though Daleks hunt me

Shrieking Exterminate



Oh, you seem forever lost to me

But I can dream of what yet might be

My hearts still beat for Gallifrey


But, Who am I to cry.

I always Regenerate

Though Daleks hunt me

Shrieking Exterminate



Oh, you seem forever lost to me

But I can dream of what yet might be

My hearts still beat for Gallifrey


Written by Simon Wright & Elizabeth Auzan

(May 2020)

Six Foot Six Jimi

Picture of Homeless man

(Verse 1)

Down in the boneyard

Pickin’ through the ol’ cars,

Searching for a nickel

In a world of steel.

I tell you life’s so hard

Scraping broken jam jars,

Making do with nuthin’

When you need a meal.


Six foot six Jimi

Begs for sticks,

So he can make a fire

For its warm glow.

Full lyrics:

Finished song:

Isabella Belladonna

Woman in cemetery

(Verse 1)
School days spent on riverbanks
We’d walk to that old church,
Its walls were falling down
Grounds reclaimed by oak and larch.
Our faces painted
What a sight,
To set ‘fore that old God;
We talked like we didn’t care
But we cared a lot.

(Pre Chorus)
Hanging at the graveyard
Picking petals,
Whilst listening to corroding

Heavy metal. (Brief guitar feedback sound?)
We didn’t need no school lessons,
To understand the true essence,
Of love and life
And wrong and right.

Oh Isabella Belladonna
Tell me what have you done?
I thought I was the weak one
You were always so strong.

Full lyrics:


Skull with knife - Ghosts

(Verse 1)

With hands crossed on chests

In coffins of wood,

In graves marked and honoured

Buried in their suits.

That’s how we bury our dead

That’s how we buried our dead

When they came to our town.

(Verse 2)

With limbs bloodied flung

In pits in the ground,

Spat on pi**ed on

Piled high in a mound

That’s how we bury their dead.

That’s how we buried their dead

When we came to their town.


Ghosts that haunt us

With whispers at night

Ghosts that reproach us

With innocent eyes.

Full Lyrics:

Finished Song:

Always in my arms

Woman with baby - Always in my arms


Looking at old photographs

Like well-trod paths marked out on maps,

Remembering sweet moments shared

It’s hard to think they’re in the past.
(Verse 1)
I can see
You’re still there,
Always in my memory.
I can feel
You right here,
won’t let go of this reverie.

(Pre Chorus)
But I don’t believe you’ve
Gone so soon,
Too good for this world.

How can I go on now
When you’re not here?
Hold you close
Always in my arms
Never let you go.

Full Lyrics:

Finished Song:

Peace wall

Peace Wall mural


Ragged city

Graffiti on a wall,

Barbed wire hearts

Ensnare us all.

Two kids kicking cans

Separated just by chance,

Dirt engrained under fingernails

In this embittered land.


Yeah, I think it would be nice

If I could knock down your peace wall,

It would be really nice (really nice)

If these barriers could fall.

(Verse 1)

We don’t have to build with bricks

When we could build our friendship tall,

You don’t have to hide your face

Just let me bring down your peace wall.

Full Lyrics:

Finished Song:

Portraits of war (Co-written with Justin Serrano)

Soldier - Portraits of War

(Verse 1)
I sketch a calloused face
Those eyes still glint despite the pain,
Mud runs like mascara
Tear drop tracks made by the rain.
The bombs explode like fireworks
As we shoot the jolly breeze,
Young Johnston’s in the corner
Looking like he’s just asleep.

Portraits of war
Portraits of war
Life, the bloody canvass

Stained crimson to the core

Portraits of war.

As the fires burn
And the dying cry,
I sketch worn faces
Under a darkening sky.
As the pages turn
My pencil blunts,
I look back at all the names
What feels like years,

Has been just months.

Full Lyrics:

Finished Song:

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