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One of my lifetime goals was to see my lyrics included on an album. And I’m glad to say that it’s not happened a few times. I’ve set up this page to showcase some of those albums.

No Clear Sky’s ‘Black Mold – Volume 2’ album

Black Mold volume 2 album cover image

About the band

No Clear Sky are a band made up of a talented bunch of musicians and lyricists from around the world. Many of them are from the Kompoz music collaboration website. Those who contributed to this album were Tsvetomir Ivanov, Sergey Engel, Brian Henry, Frank Ruiz, Dave Moore, Bill (Sriracha), Luke Adrien, Tony Inosencio, Bert Smit, Mike Paterson, Momchil Grozev, Daniela Brando, Kim Noble, Xan Eden, James Tanner, Jayesh Raikar, Nigel Robinson, Ican Petkov (aka S!ckATrix), Sergei Shilov, and myself! 

My contribution – lyrics for the ‘One by One’ song

Track 4 on the album is called One by One. It features Frank Ruiz on vocals, Sergey Engel on bass guitar, Brian Henry on drums, and Tsetomir Ivanov on guitar and production. And the lyrics are by me. It’s an anti war song. Here’s a snippet of the lyrics:

‘Faded jackets, medals pinned to them
Same time every year, we take them out again
Failing minds, don’t know what happened yesterday
But crystal clear on a place now so far away

Falling over, help me up again
Too many stayed down but that was back then
Failing minds, don’t know what happened yesterday
But crystal clear on a time now so far away’

Listen to and buy the album: https://noclearsky.bandcamp.com/album/black-mold-vol-2

Publish date: May 2020


The Wave Exchange album, by The Rock Station

Wave Exchange CD

About the band

The Rock Station is a band comprised of musicians and lyric writers from around the world, who started collaborating on the Kompoz website.

My contribution – lyrics for a song called ‘Growler’

I provided the lyrics to one of the eleven songs on the album. That song is called ‘Growler’ and here is a sample of some of the lyrics:

‘Fog draws deep

And another one comes, a Growler,

Wake up man.

This is not a dream

And if we miss a beat, we cower

Another one comes, a Growler!’

You can buy the album on the Amazon US or Amazon UK websites. 


More albums to follow …