About Me

By day Simon works as a customer messaging guru for a large UK bank but at night he transforms into the LyricSlinger. Words flash from his pen and fingers, like lightning bolts, emblazoning themselves onto paper or screen. Or something like that …

Graffiti - LyricSlinger

In a previous time Simon wrote comedy sketches and had them performed at venues in Edinburgh and Glasgow. He even staged comedy shows under the banner of WrightsideoftheMoone with fellow Super Hero, John Mooney. (John must really work on a better super hero name …)

But like Doctor Who, Simon regenerated. Not controversially into a woman but into an aspiring lyric writer. On this site I’ll tell you about that journey and provide some insights that I have picked up along the way. Keep checking in. Comment. Subscribe. I can’t promise that you too will become a super hero, with mighty writing powers, but you never know …

The LyricSlinger

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